Hey Folks! So, in these crazy and tough times I need to make music more than ever. I wanna share with you a track I did: feel free to download the track and jam around. If you wanna share this in social media, please tag my Insta-account or Facebook: @daniellindenblatt. Have fun with it!! Downloads […]

Funny, after meeting the real ones, Take That, I was lucky to play some shows with this brand new project. Originaly from the US, this musical was showed now for the first time in germany. The production company Offstage Germany e.V. dedicates their passion to not well known musicals and they want to open an […]

Yesterday I had a really nice lecture with my collegue Sebastian Zett. We created a repertoire of loveletters from differents era and known personalities. So we have been invited by the public library in Eberswalde and the audience was really attentive. They listend very carefully, they were empathic to the different emotions created by the […]